96 hrs Transit Visa

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Visa Related Inquiry

There are 3 types of visas that Sweet Escape Holiday can process for you: 96 hrs (4 days) transit visa. (Entry & Exit has to be from Dubai Airport) 30 day tourist visa (Can enter / exit through any entry / exit point of UAE) and 90 days Long term visit single entry tourist visa (Can enter / exit through any entry / exit point of UAE).

Yes. The visa fees are same for an infant or an adult passenger.

For Entry – 60 days from date of issue. For Stay – 30 day from date of entry (including date of entry).

96 HRS VISA – For Entry – 60 days from the date of issue. For Stay – 96 Hrs (Calculated based on Entry / Exit time printed on ticket).For Entry – 60 days from date of issue.

For Stay – 90 day from date of entry (including date of entry)

30 days and 90 days Tourist Visa: The entry and exit from any entry / exit point of UAE.

96 Hours visa: The entry and exit of the passenger should only be from Dubai airport.

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Know before you go

Lightweight summer clothing is suitable for most of the year, but sweaters or jackets may be needed for the winter months, especially in the evenings. Good quality sunglasses are advised and photo-chromatic lenses for those who wear spectacles. Hats or some protection for the head are advisable when in direct sunlight. The United Arab Emirates has conservative dress traditions. Swimwear should be confined to the beach and hotel pools. Men and women should ensure shoulders and knees are covered when in public, especially in souks, shops and villages.